Why use holobooru?

Danbooru may have the most hololive art, but it has strict standards for quality which ends up excluding a massive amount of fan art. The rest of the boorus just scrape content from Danbooru and end up with the same gaps.

This is what holobooru hopes to fix. It aims to fill in where other boorus are sorely lacking; anything from art made by hololive members, cosplay, and meme templates, to promotional art, hololive web assets, and art about special events such as the Mythbreakers TTRPG.

holobooru hopes to enliven and support the hololive community by giving users a place to preserve its lifeblood fan content from around the web, collecting it in one easy to search place and keeping it well-archived for years to come.

holobooru is out of date, where is X feature?

holobooru is hosted by Booru.org. They run Gelbooru 0.1.11 on all of their boorus to save on costs. They are just barely breaking even, so upgrading to Gelbooru 0.2 is currently out of the question. Consider making monthly contributions to the Booru.org Patreon, and perhaps migrating holobooru to Gelbooru 0.2 or even MyImouto might become possible.

Upgrades actually used to be part of a Patreon tier, but it was removed after a plateau of support. Some boorus hosted by Booru.org that still have these upgrades are mspabooru.com and hypnohub.net so it’s certainly possible.